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Have Your Own Dedicated Conference System On Your Very Own Server

Pricing And Upgrades

Price and Upgrades

Our white label webinar software is affordably priced at only $2,997. We’ve literally spent 10’s of thousands of dollars to create a top-notch white label webinar platform. And, we’re not done yet. We are continuing to develop.

There is a $200 set-up and installation charge. We spend thousands of dollars to improve our system so you won’t have to.

There is an optional annual license fee of $200. This annual fee ensures you get top notch support from our Top Dog team. It also ensures you continue to receive upgrades at no additional cost for as long as you renew your annual license. You become a member of our VIP club. As a VIP member it’s like having a team of programmers working constantly in the background to improve your webinar system.

You may cancel your VIP membership at any time and stop receiving Top Dog support as well as any additional upgrades. But we feel this will unlikely be the case because your VIP membership is about more than just support. It’s about longevity in a billion dollar industry and we’re here to support you through it.

We work with our customers to improve our system, make changes and provide add-ons and upgrades based on customer feedback. It’s how we got started in the first place, listening to our customers.

Our webinar program is Flash-based. We are currently working on our new HTML5 webinar platform.

The new system will sell at a much higher price than our current Flash-based system. However, customers who have our Flash-based system, and who purchase the source-code (see below) prior to us launching our new HTML5 system, will automatically receive the HTML5 system at no additional cost. We will help you replace the current Flash-based system with the new HTML5 version. If you choose the new HTML5 system then you can discontinue the Flash-based system or run both as two separate services.

Making a Purchase:
There is no purchase button visible on our website. We must talk to you before you can purchase. This is because it is important that you test our system to make sure it’s what you are looking for and that it will satisfy your need.

There is no refund after installation. It’s important to protect your investment to ensure our white label webinar software is right for you. Once the system is installed there is nothing to ensure that it will not be altered and remain in use if a refund is issued.

Buy the Source Code:
When you make your purchase for $2,997 you are purchasing the output files, like any other software program you buy. Output files allow you to run programs the way they were intended to run without giving you access to source code where someone could make changes to the application.

It often costs a lot more money to obtain source code files that are used in development. For example, if you were to purchase any of the Microsoft Office tools you will be given a licence to use the output files. You would not obtain the source code allowing you to make changes to Microsoft Office tools.

The purchase of our White Label Webinar Software is no different however, we can sell you the source code files. The source code files will allow you to modify the webinar application in any manner you desire. There is no restrictions to what you can do and you do not need to obtain permission to make modifications. Once you obtain the source files you basically own the system. You just cannot sell the source code.

The source files will cost an additional $3,000 on top of the software price of $2,997. The total cost for the program and the source code is $5,997. If you require installation it will cost the installation fee of $200. There are no upgrades when you purchase the source code so there is no annual license renewal fee. And, purchasing the source code ensures you get the new HTML5 version of our program when we launch. You do not however, get the source code to the HTML5 version.

Feel free to ask about the source code purchase.

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